New Scam Targets Applicants with a Fraudulent Job Listing at IDACORP

17 / 07 / 2014

BOISE, Idaho – IDACORP, Inc. and Idaho Power are alerting the public and potential job applicants of the most recent scam to hit the area.

“All scams are terrible, but this one is truly despicable,” said Idaho Power Human Resources Leader Angelique Keavney. “The unknowing participant goes from thinking he or she has a new job and supplying information for a background check, to learning they’ve been targeted once their identity or bank accounts are compromised.”

Some job postings were listed on Craigslist, but Keavney warned that this morning there was one on the State of Idaho’s Department of Labor website. That one has since been removed.

“Idaho Power is certainly a desirable place to apply for a position,” she said. “It’s extremely unfortunate that someone would prey on people who are seeking employment. We encourage applicants to visit our Careers page for legitimate listings on”

If someone is the victim of a scam, he or she should file a police report and then contact the Attorney General’s office at 334-2424, or toll-free at 1-800-432-3545.

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Contact: Lynette Berriochoa
Idaho Power Corporate Communications Leader


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