We at IDACORP pledge our commitment to effectively manage our company and we greatly appreciate your continuing confidence and investment in IDACORP.

To reinforce this commitment, we provide corporate governance information to enable you to see what guides us as we do business. Our Corporate Governance Guidelines and Code of Business Conduct represent our guiding principles.

Our Board of Directors, our officers, and our employees share a determined commitment to our shareholders, customers, employees and communities to operate every day with these principles in mind.

We embrace these principles in the conduct of our business and we believe that dedication to upholding these principles will allow us to remain a respected and successful energy and technology holding company.

Waivers of the Code

We will waive application of the policies in the Code only where:

  • circumstances warrant granting a waiver
  • such waiver would not permit illegal or unethical conduct, and
  • there are appropriate controls over and monitoring of the particular situation.

Waivers of the Code for employees and officers will be made only with approval of the IDACORP Ethics Committee (the General Counsel, the Chief Financial Officer, and other officers appointed from time to time).

Waivers of the Code for directors and executive officers may be made only by the Corporate Governance Committee after receiving the recommendation of the IDACORP Ethics Committee.

Amendments to the Code or waivers of the Code when and as required by Regulation S-K, Item 406 and New York Stock Exchange listing standards will be posted on this Web site.