History of IDACORP, Inc. and Idaho Power Company

Idaho-based IDACORP, formed in 1998, is a holding company comprised of Idaho Power Company, a regulated electric utility; IDACORP Financial, a holder of affordable housing projects and other real estate investments; and Ida-West Energy, an operator of small hydroelectric generation projects that satisfy the requirements of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978.

IDACORP was formed Oct. 1, 1998, following approval by Idaho Power shareholders, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the public utility commissions of Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Wyoming (states where IDACORP has conducted business or has holdings).

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Under the holding company structure, Idaho Power Company continues as it has since 1916 as a regulated utility dedicated to providing quality electric service to more than 630,000 general business customers in a 24,000-square-mile service area. This area covers southern Idaho and eastern Oregon.

The company owns and operates 17 hydropower plants on the Snake River and its tributaries. It also owns three natural gas-fired power plants and partial interest in two coal-fired generating plants.

Information on Idaho Power Company's regulatory framework and rate mechanisms is available on its website.

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Together, IDACORP's business units and subsidiaries provide our owners a strong, diversified, competitive investment.

Idaho Power - established in 1916, our regulated electric utility serves more than 630,000 residential, business, agricultural and industrial customers in a 24,000-square-mile service area.

IDACORP Financial - holds non-utility investments, primarily in affordable housing projects and historic rehabilitation developments that provide tax credits.

Ida-West Energy - established in 1989, our independent power project development company has ownership in nine hydropower projects with 44.5 megawatts of generating nameplate capacity.