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Corporate Sustainability: What It Means to IDACORP

Idaho Power, IDACORP’s principal operating subsidiary, defines sustainability as "sound and enduring financial, environmental and social stewardship." We think of it as a business plan to sustain operations into our second century.

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Since 1916, Idaho Power has endeavored to conduct business in a manner that demonstrates balanced and responsible management. That means prudent planning, development and protection of our resources, and encouraging responsible energy use and delivery. In today's world, the products and services we deliver have to be more than just reliable and affordable – they must also represent a responsible use of the environmental resources we share with our communities. Idaho Power demands it, our customers expect it and our stakeholders insist on it.

It is our privilege to share the results of our efforts toward becoming a more sustainable company, as well as the good work that comes from our approximately 2,000 employees. For a closer look at our accomplishments, please review the related links below.

Please email us with questions regarding our sustainability efforts, or to request a hard copy of our annual sustainability report.