IDACORP is committed to its focus on competitive total returns and generating long-term value for shareholders.

IDACORP’s business strategy emphasizes Idaho Power as IDACORP’s core business, as Idaho Power's regulated utility operations are the primary driver of IDACORP's operating results. IDACORP's board of directors regularly reviews IDACORP's long-term strategy, which as of the date of this report is focused on the following areas and initiatives:

Cornerstones & Initiatives

Grow Financial Strength

  • Pursue New Investment and Revenue Opportunities
  • Promote and Engage in Beneficial Electrification
  • Maintain Shareholder Confidence
  • Continue Focus on Productive Regulatory Outcomes

Improve the Core Business

  • Evaluate and Control Expenditures and Continue Efficient Operations
  • Evaluate and Deploy Transformative Technology Solutions
  • Continue Progress on Key Transmission Projects
  • Continue Progress on Hydropower Relicensing Projects
  • Continue Development of Regional Markets

Enhance Idaho Power's Brand

  • Enhance Idaho Power's Customers' Experience and Interactions
  • Communicate Progress Toward Environmental and Community Goals
  • Share Idaho Power's Story

Keep Employees Safe and Engaged

  • Continue Idaho Power's Strong Focus on Safety
  • Facilitate Progress on Employee Engagement
  • Evolve Workforce Development Strategy and Programs

In executing the focus areas above, IDACORP seeks to balance the interests of shareholders, Idaho Power customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Idaho Power is committed to working for strong, sustainable financial results and strong credit ratings by continuing to provide reliable, affordable, safe service to its customers from a diversified source of generation resources.